Voir la version complète : Morocco economy is getting stronger and bigger (Oxfordbusinessgroup 2008)

08/12/2008, 11h27
The Moroccan economy is much more robust than just a few years ago, with steady yearly growth in the region of 4-5% from 2000 to 2007,

BANKING: In 2007 the economic environment remained conducive to further growth of banking activity in Morocco following a very good year for the sector in 2006.Total assets of the banking sector increased by 21.6% to Dh654.7bn ($85.1bn), which is above the previous year’s high annual growth rate of 18.1%.

INDUSTRY & RETAIL: The Moroccan industrial sector looks set to continue the strong growth it has enjoyed in recent years. Industrial activity recorded a 5.5% increase in 2007, a slight rise over 2006, when the sector grew by 4.7%. Added value in the sector increased by 5.6% in 2007.

CAPITAL MARKETS: In 2007 the capitalisation of the Moroccan stock market increased by 40.5% to Dh586.3bn ($76.2bn), up from the Dh417.1bn ($54.2bn) recorded the previous year.

INSURANCE: The insurance sector in Morocco is witnessing dynamic growth, driven foremost by developments in life insurance. Total premiums reached Dh17.7bn ($2.3bn) in 2007, ranking Morocco as one of the largest insurance markets in the Arab world behind Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

CONSTRUCTION & REAL ESTATE: In 2007 the Moroccan construction sector recorded added value of some DH35.2bn ($4.6bn), which represents an 11% increase on the previous year. Since 2002 the market has witnessed impressive growth in virtually all segments and is likely to continue to perform well in the near future.In 2007 the government passed the second five-year plan, which aims to invest some DH280bn ($36.4bn) between 2008 and 2012

TRANSPORT: With billions of dollars committed to improving the country’s infrastructure, Morocco aims to become a world player in terms of marine transport.

IT & TELECOMS : The IT sector generated a turnover of Dh7bn ($910,000m), which represented an 11% increase compared to 2006.
The telecoms sector increased in value from Dh25.6bn ($3.3bn) in 2006 to Dh33.3bn ($4.2bn) in 2007. With a workforce of some 41,000 employees, the sector contributes 7% to annual GDP and is one of the country’s leading recipients of foreign direct investment (FDI).

HEALTH & EDUCATION The health of the Moroccan population in general is good. Life expectancy has risen to 71 years, infant mortality is 36 per thousand, the population growth rate is down to 1.4%