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07/02/2009, 22h43
IRMA - Letter for a lord
Une voix prometteuse

Enjoy !!!


1. I wrote a letter to the Lord
begging him to send the chords
that would make you stay by my side
He sent an A minor groove
Just as you like it
something smooth
that doesn't hurt at all

Here comes the Major in all its glory
Forgive the failure it says i'm sorry
I asked if he could send the lines
But He said no, I didn't ask why
I took a pen and laid it down

I wrote a love song
Make it yours
Take all the pieces
There's nothing wrong
it's no poetry, no symphony
but these are my words, these are my lines this is my prayer

2. Every inch of my skin
still holds the perfume of my sin
I've tried to take it off so many times
I know this my very last chance
No mercy, no kindness, no defense
I hope it comes naturally

Here comes the major in all its glory
forgive the failure it says I'm sorry
I asked if he could send the lines
But he said no, I didn't ask why, I took a pen and laid it down

chorus x 2

08/02/2009, 12h46
superbe !
j'adore sa douce voix pleine de sensibilité ...
je suis entrain d'écouter tout le reste sur youtube...

merci pour la découverte ;)