Voir la version complète : EADS construira le satellite Algerien ALSAT2-A

02/02/2006, 22h17
EADS vient de decrocher la construction du futur satellite algerien ALSAT-A tandis que le second ALSAT2-B sera construit en Algerie.

La resolution du satellite qui est de 2.5 m parrait tres impressionnante.

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EADS Astrium has signed a contract with the Algerian National Space Technology Centre (CNTS) for the development of the ALSAT-2 system, which consists of two optical observation satellites. ALSAT-2 is the first Earth observation satellite system from the AstroSat100 family to be built using the Myriade platform.

The ALSAT-2 contract covers the design and development of two satellites. The first, ALSAT-2A, will be integrated and tested in France at EADS Astrium, whereas the second, ALSAT-2B, will be integrated in Algeria within the small satellite development center (UDPS) in Oran. The ALSAT-2 programme also includes the construction of two ground control segments and one image station allowing the satellites to be operated and controlled from Algerian territory.

ALSAT-2 is equipped with a latest-generation payload capable of supplying images with a resolution of 2.5 metres in panchromatic mode and 10 metres in each of 4 colour bands in multispectral mode. It draws on EADS Astrium's extensive experience in Earth observation, most particularly with respect to the silicon carbide telescopes which are being integrated onto a Myriade class satellite platform which was designed in cooperation with CNES, the French Space agency.

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