Voir la version complète : Apres le F-117, la marine devoile sa nouvelle barge de débarquement

10/02/2006, 10h53
M80 Stiletto for Special Forces

Bonjour, apres l'arme de l'air, la marine a un nouveau joujou, le stiletto M-80, conçue pour porter les troupes et leur équipement (autour de 37 tonnes) à terre sans attirer l'attention, sa vitesse est de 50 noeuds, c'est a dire 100 kh. Les trafiquants de drogues auront du souci a se faire. :)

A high-speed landing craft unveiled this week by the US Department of Defense will not only stay steady at its top speed of 50 knots, but also produces virtually no wake. The vessel, dubbed Stiletto, is the prototype for a new breed of craft designed to carry troops and their equipment ashore without attracting attention.

Stiletto's hull has a double-M shape that channels the wake under the craft. There it mixes with oncoming air to produce froth that lifts the ship part-way out of the water, reducing drag and increasing stability, says Greg Glaros, the programme's leader at the defence department's Office of Force Transformation.

The hull is made of carbon fibre, and the 27-metre-long, 12-metre-wide vessel will be able to haul around 37 tonnes. The prototype cost $6 million to build, and will be tested during this year.