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manon des champs
06/07/2010, 16h12
Superstitions are everywhere at the World Cup. From the Mick Jagger jinx to the Nike ad curse to the Ronaldo baby hex (you know that last one is on its way), there are mystical and completely ridiculous explanations for everything that has happened so far. And now the Germans are getting in on the fun with a reliance on manager Jogi Loew's blue sweater.
From Reuters:
He claimed on Monday he was not superstitious but admitted that pressure from other coaching staff and players to keep wearing his familiar sweater had paid off ahead of their World Cup semi-final clash against Spain in Durban on Wednesday.
"The thing with the sweater is that I am not driven by superstition," a smiling Loew told reporters. "The other coaching staff said I should be wearing the sweater now because every time I wear it we score four goals."
Germany beat England 4-1 in the second round and reached the semi-finals following a 4-0 demolition of Argentina, with Loew donning the V-necked garment each time.
"I am not even allowed to wash it now and I think I will wear it again (against Spain)," he said. yahoo

06/07/2010, 16h22
Il essaie d' avoir une réputation de crade celui-là ? Bon après tout le bleu lui va pas mal :mrgreen::mrgreen: