Voir la version complète : Le systême de Nitaqat en arabie saoudite

11/08/2011, 22h56
Ce système va détruire l'économie saoudienne car selon cet article, les companies privés embauchent n'importe qui pour éviter de tomber dans la zone rouge:

JEDDAH: The introduction of the Nitaqat system has caused concern among many companies in the red category. Consequently, some have rushed to employ Saudis, even if they are not qualified, to escape from this category. Other companies have begun reducing the number of foreign workers.

In the Nitaqat system, companies are classified into three categories: red, yellow and green. Companies in the yellow category are given a grace period of nine months and those in the red category six months to improve their status by hiring more Saudis before facing punitive measures.

Yellow companies will not be able to extend their foreign employees’ work visas beyond six years, while red companies will be unable to renew their foreign workers’ visas at all. Companies in the green category are in an excellent position. They have achieved the Saudization percentage target.

Most companies have started hiring Saudis, even if they are unqualified.

Khalid Al-Ghamdi, human resource manager at Alshiaka, said: "Companies have begun hiring less qualified or even unqualified Saudis to get away from the red category and to fill positions. This will negatively affect the Saudi labor market and stop the development of the employee and the country."

He added, “Most companies are now hiring Saudis with low salaries, demanding that they only show up and register their name in the daily attendance sheet. This causes the companies huge losses."

Al-Ghamdi confirmed that companies temporarily hiring unqualified Saudis to move away from the red category would soon return to that category once the Saudi employees were fired. “Unfortunately, many companies find themselves trapped and quickly try to increase their Saudization rate without planning.”

Al-Ghamdi gave the example of the company he previously worked for, which had a Saudization rate of only 17 percent. To escape from the red category, they hired unqualified Saudis, and the percentage increased to 28, he said.

“Some companies decided to hire Saudis for SR2,000 a month in a training program that ends with employment. After two years of training, the Saudi trainees will be hired in the company with a monthly salary of SR3,000 to SR4,000.” According to Al-Ghamdi, such a long-term strategy program was considered better than hiring unqualified Saudis to achieve Saudization.

Another human resources manager working in a private company in Jeddah, who did not want to be identified, confirmed that both big and small companies were now hiring unqualified Saudis only to achieve a high Saudization rate.

Some companies are even hiring handicapped Saudis, because giving employment to one handicapped Saudi counts for filling four positions.

“The Nitaqat program, in my opinion, is misused. It is going to fail. Neither the employee nor the country will benefit from this program. The Saudi government should create job opportunities that suit Saudis without terminating expatriates or hiring unqualified Saudis,” he said.

He added: “There is a huge number of unemployed Saudis holding high school degrees. How can companies hire Saudis without higher qualifications?”

Wael Al-Zeben, a Jordanian employee working in a private company, was sacked by his company and replaced by a Saudi who has neither the requisite qualification nor experience for the job.

“I was working in an insurance company for more than five years. The company had been classified in the red category. To escape from this category, they terminated 19 of us expatriate workers. They replaced us with Saudi high school graduates. The newly hired Saudis get lower salaries than what we used to get,” said Wael. His previous boss told him that they were struggling with the new employees, because they had no training or experience on how to do the job.

Nuha Al-Kesiabri is a Saudi girl who found a job in a private polyclinic immediately after she finished high school. The polyclinic was searching to hire Saudis immediately, because they were in the red category. The polyclinic employed her as a receptionist without any interview. She knew that the polyclinic was only hiring her to escape from the red category.