Voir la version complète : Des rebelles /mercenaires (?) ont tué et demembré des gardes frontieres Syriens

Sioux foughali
08/08/2012, 23h00
Charles Shoebridge

Security analyst, and former army and intelligence officer


Objective observations on the ground corroborate this assessment. Repeatedly, the UN and others have documented rebel abductions, torture and sectarian murder. Unreported in the UK for example, AFP recently reported how Iraqi soldiers witnessed FSA rebels dismember and murder disarmed Syrian border guards.

Instead of classic guerrilla hit and run, rebel tactics have brought killing and chaos to previously peaceful cities where there haven't been anti Assad uprisings, such as Aleppo. Rebels know that fighting from such densely populated areas inevitably results in heavy weapon use and civilian casualties - just as with any urban combat, such as the US at Fallujah.

source Huffigton post