Voir la version complète : Tanger Med Zones meilleure zone Franche en Afrique

14/10/2016, 14h56
Winner – Africa: Tanger Med Zones

Winner of both the African regional category and north African sub-regional category for a second year, Tanger Med Zones is home to hundreds of multinational companies, including Siemens, Renault and Yazaki. Located near the Strait of Gibraltar, the zone offers investors good access to maritime shipping routes only 14 kilometres from European markets. A new gate has been created solely to meet the logistics needs of investors, supporting a simplified flow of imports and exports. Investors in the automotive and textiles sectors in particular can benefit from a subsidy of 30% of total capital expenditure, while a new 1200-hectare park opening in Ain Daillia-Tangier will be dedicated to industry (aerospace, automotive, electronics and renewables specifically) and textiles. Its website allows users to have a virtual tour of the zone, while community exchanges connect suppliers and manufacturers. Gate access to the zone is now integrated into the IT infrastructure, allowing daily information on export turnover and an app for investors