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02/02/2017, 18h59

Flights Between Morocco & Israel to Resume
February 2, 2017 , 8:32 am

Rabat – Flights Between Morocco & Israel to Re-Open after 13-Years halt, where air traffic between the two countries was completely blocked, reports Ynetnews, an Israeli newspaper on January 31.

The English-speaking Israeli news outlet explained that, beginning in May, flights from Israel to Morocco, and vice versa, will be made available to passengers for the first time in 13 years. A stop in between will be necessary, however, due to the lack of a mutual flight agreement between the two countries.

Israeli travel agency, Flying Carpet, will be offering packages allowing travelers to fly from Tel Aviv to Marrakesh and Casablanca.

According to Ynetnews, the flight route between the two countries will be launched this May and will operate for two months. “The flights will be carried out by Italian budget airline Neos, and will include a short stop in Catania, Sicily, before continuing on to Morocco,” reported the newspaper.

The travel agency used to offer direct flights from Tel Aviv to Marrakesh. Due to the Second Intifada back in 2004, however, airway traffic stopped between the two countries when diplomatic relations deteriorated because of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Flying Carpet will be offering vacation packages to its passengers for $1,199. Normal tickets will start at $600, with a flight time of seven hours.

Ynetnews explained that mandatory stops are due to Morocco and Israel not having a mutual flight agreement. “Therefore, planes from one country are not allowed to fly directly to the other,” wrote the newspaper.

To avoid this inconvenience, the flights will stop in Catania or Sicily, where travellers can change planes. The plane’s flight log will also register as only flying to and from Italy, instead of to and from Israel.

02/02/2017, 19h50
voilà pourquoi !


03/02/2017, 06h43
Apres toutes les recettes de cuisines , et toutes les recettes gateaux , voilà que le Maroc nous vole nos chansons :mrgreen:

03/02/2017, 07h58
Elle est bonne celle là ,tu revendiques maintenant l’héritage culturel judeo marocain ,on a tout vu.

03/02/2017, 07h59
Les vols directes sont une bonne idee, rien n'empeche une cooperation normal avec ce pays.
Les israeliens n'ont jamais fait de mal au maroc bien au contraire. à l'inverse de certains voisins qui se disent nos frères. :lol: