Voir la version complète : Sudatel lance la 3G en mauritanie et acquiert une license mobile au senegal

13/09/2007, 12h22
Sudatel,l'opérateur telecom soudanais, vient de lancer ,via sa filiale locale Chinquitel,la 3G en mauritanie.

Cette meme semaine,Sudatel a acquis une license pour mobile et une autre pour le fixe et l'internet au senegal.

Sudanese telecommunications company, Sudatel, has won a new comprehensive telecommunications licence to provide mobile services in Senegal.

The license which is said to be worth US $200 million will see Sudatel become one of Senegal's largest mobile operators.
Sudatel won the license from 11 other competitors, including the Kuwaiti-owned Zain and Bintel of Saudia Arabia. Sudatel is set to become Senegal's third mobile operator, and is expected to compete with Senegal's two existing mobile operators, Orange and Tigo.

Besides, the Sudanese company will be allowed to provide fixed line and internet services head-to-head with France Telecom-backed monopoly Sonatel.

Senegal's telecoms regulator, Agence de Regulation des Telecoms et Postes, invited companies to bid for a third mobile operator. August 31 was set aside as the deadline for the offers.

Over the years, Senegalese mobile market has recorded sharp increases in the number os subscribers taking up mobile contracts.

In March 2007, the number of mobile users in Senegal was estimated at 3.37 million, compared to 1.94 and 1.73 millions in 1996 and 1995, respectively.

By 30 June this year, Senegal's mobile subscribers had risen so much that the regulator industry analysts believe the subscriber base to have reached the 98% of all pre-paid subscribers.

In December 2006, the total number of residential and business premises receiving Sonatel services had reached 282,573 and that number is expected to grow as more mobile operators enter the Senegalese market.

3G Services Launched in Mauritania

The African country, Mauritania has gained 3G services after its third phone network, Chinguitel went live this week. Chinguitel, which is controlled by Sudan's Sudatel says that it has covered some 4,000km of main roads the desert nation along with the main cities. It is believed that the network has been launched with around 150 base stations, compared to the 160 base stations operated by the incumbent operator, Mauritel. Mauritania's President Sidi Ould Cheikh Abdallahi launched the operation with Sudanese ambassador Adel Hafedh Ibrahim in attendance.

"Competition in the telecommunications sector will contribute in the success of government policies relating to universal access to basic services, administrative modernisation, poverty and employment alleviation as well as ease access to remote rural areas," ICT minister Oumar Ould Yali told the launch.

Chinguitel paid around US$100 million for its operating license in July 2006, which was three times the value of the bids submitted by Orange, Wataniya Telecom, Mauritel, and Access Telecom from Cote d?Ivoire.

There are currently two operators in the country, Mattel and Mauritel. The Mobile
World subscriber database notes that the country currently has some 1.2 million subscribers, which represents a population penetration level of 36%.