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baisse de prix du petrole pour le 1er janvier.

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  • baisse de prix du petrole pour le 1er janvier.

    l'article dit que les prix a la popme ce base sur le prix de 100$ le baril, et on est a 33$ maintenant.
    il y aura une baisse des le premier janvier, et je me demande que ce qu'ils vont faire les traficants de gazoil et d'essence qui viens de l'algerie ?
    est ce qu'il y aura une baisse a la pompe aussi en algerie? .

    Morocco to reduce pump oil prices

    APA- Casablanca (Morocco) The Moroccan authorities have announced the adoption of new tariffs for oil products as from 1st January 2009.

    The decision was taken on Saturday following a meeting of the relevant ministries, with the attendance of hydrocarbon operators, according to a joint statement of the Energy and the Economic and General Affairs ministries.

    The imminent reduction follows the plummeting oil prices in the global market during these past three months whereas Morocco’s budget previsions were set on the basis of US$100 per barrel against the current price reaching less than US$40.

    In July, the government slightly increased the pump oil prices for three categories of consumption as the first decision in two years.

    Morocco imports all its oil needs with over six million tonnes per year. For over two years, the country renounced the approach of price indexation in the context of a global hike of oil tariffs between 2007 and 2008.