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Les Occidentaux craignent le rapprochement entre l'Arabie saoudite et la Russie

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  • Les Occidentaux craignent le rapprochement entre l'Arabie saoudite et la Russie

    Wed 5 Oct 2022
    Prince Mohammed’s decision to strengthen relations has alarmed allies, but he has long admired Russian leader

    They both started wars in neighbouring countries, hold significant sway over energy markets, are known to brook no dissent and to covet spots in history. Russia’s embattled president, Vladimir Putin, and Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, Mohammed bin Salman, seem to have a lot in common.

    Nearly eight months into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, relations between Riyadh and Moscow are at a high point. As much of Europe, the US and the UK double down on attempts to combat an ever more menacing Russian leader, Prince Mohammed has instead chosen to deepen ties.

    -----------------------------An Opec+ meeting in Vienna on Wednesday is the latest landmark in a growing relationship that is increasingly defying the demands of Riyadh’s allies and appearing to give Putin comfort at a critical juncture in the war. Both countries are likely to seek to raise oil prices by cutting global supply by 1-2m barrels a day.

    Such a move would follow widespread disruption to gas supplies to Europe caused by the war and predictions of a worsening energy security crisis as the northern winter approaches. It would also alienate Washington, an ally that has tried to recruit Riyadh to the cause of decreasing supply pressures by opening valves to its enormous reservoirs.

    Instead, Joe Biden finds himself staring down a partner in the Middle East whom he had personally visited during the summer as the extent of the supply crisis became apparent. Biden walked away empty-handed and, as a result, faces the uncomfortable prospect of taking high bowser prices to midterm elections. Perhaps more importantly for the US president, a rise in oil prices could be seen as helping fund Putin’s war effort.

    “Previous Saudi administrations would have been much more sensitive to the US’s feelings and to messaging, even though they would likely do the same thing,” said Robin Mills, the chief executive of Qamar Energy. “Saudi has pretty much always done what it wanted in oil regardless of favours to the US but it usually sugar-coated it. Not this time.”

    Another sign of a deepening bond between Moscow and Riyadh emerged last month when, in a rare moment of global diplomacy, Saudi diplomats secured the release of international prisoners, including five Britons, captured during fighting inside Ukraine. The optics were stark, and appeared sanctioned by Putin to give Riyadh a moment on a world stage; here were Saudi diplomats a long way from home brokering a deal that had nothing obvious to do with the Middle East. ...


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    tu défends les beni kalbounes mtn

    le dos amok le dos, ca va???


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      l'hypocrisie et l'avidité des americains n'a pas de limite. Tantot ils ne veulent pas discuter avec Riadh tantot ils l'implorent d'augmenter la production de petrol pour servir leurs propres intérêts, ceci au detriments des intérêts des pays producteurs...
      yakhi tmesskhir
      البعره تدل على البعير

      Quand l’injustice devient la loi, la Résistance est un Devoir !✊🏼DZ


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        tu défends les beni kalbounes mtn
        le dos amok le dos, ca va???
        Selon la mentalité de chewing-gum des babouches Je suis le rédacteur en chef du journal britannique le gardien

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