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4 jeunes médecins sont morts durant une période d'une semaine à Toronto

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  • 4 jeunes médecins sont morts durant une période d'une semaine à Toronto

    A hospital network in Ontario is mourning the loss of three doctors who died within days of one another last week.

    “It is with deep sadness that Trillium Health Partners mourns the loss of three of our physicians who recently passed away,” Trillium Health spokesperson Amit Shilton told CTV News Toronto in a statement on Wednesday.

    “Dr. Jakub Sawicki, Dr. Stephen McKenzie and Dr. Lorne Segall were trusted colleagues who were committed to caring for their patients and community.”

    Trillium Health, which operates hospitals in Toronto and Mississauga, said rumours circulating on social media that the deaths were related to the COVID-19 vaccine are false.
    “The rumour circulating on social media is simply not true. Their passings were not related to the COVID-19 vaccine,” Shilton said.

    On July 17, Dr. Lorne Segall, a 49-year-old otolaryngologist at Credit Valley Hospital, passed away after a “ridiculously unfair and hard fought year-long battle with advanced lung cancer,” his obituary reads.

    He was an “adored” husband of 22 years and the “devoted” father of a 16, 14 and nine year old.

    “He shared many interests with his children including an arcane level of car knowledge, a love of Air Jordans, a penchant for all things Marvel and actually all movies, impressive gaming expertise, fitness and super jackedness, comic books and food knowledge,” his obituary says.

    A day later on July 18, Dr. Stephen McKenzie, a neurologist who joined Trillium Health nearly 40 years ago, died. He was one of the neurology department’s founding members and took on a strong interest in medical education.

    “Dr. McKenzie was a caring, kind and gentle man, who truly enjoyed life,” his memorial notice reads.

    According to McKenzie’s office, he had been “seriously ill” leading up to his death and his office was permanently closed. The nature of his illness was not disclosed.

    Dr. Jakub Sawicki completed his family medicine training at Credit Valley and went on to become a member of the Trillium Health surgical assistance team in 2014. A memorial notice distributed on July 21 says Sawicki developed a passion for pain medicine and later became the medical director of pain medicine clinics in the region. His funeral took place the following day.

    “Dr. Sawicki was a kind and pleasant person, and he will always be remembered for having a smile on his face.”

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    ADE a cause du vaccin et les boosters? Disease enhancement antibodies? myocardites des vaccines a RNA?

    Ils ne peuvent plus prétendre que ces morts sont des coincidences surtout quand ça touche des jeunes médecins en santé.


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      Il n'y a aucun rapport avec le vaccin According to this report
      Gone with the Wind.........


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        De nombreuses personnes ayant reçu le vaccin ARN sont victimes d'effets secondaires invalidantes les empêchant de reprendre leur travail.
        ثروة الشعب في سكانه ’المحبين للعمل’المتقنين له و المبدعين فيه. ابن خلدون


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          Cinquieme médecin morte hier agée de 27 ans pendant qu'elle faisait le jogging en Ontario

          Ontario doctor, 27, dies after collapsing during triathlon

          A 27-year-old Ontario pediatrician who died after she collapsed during a triathlon is being remembered as a beloved presence and an inspiration to many.

          McMaster Children’s Hospital (MCH) said in a statement on Friday that Dr. Candace Nayman of Hamilton tragically passed away yesterday after she unexpectedly collapsed during a triathlon last weekend.

          Dr. Nayman was a Year 3 pediatrician at the children’s hospital.

          “The entire MCH community is heartbroken over the tragic passing of Dr. Nayman, a pediatric resident. She embodied the excellence, caring, compassion and change-the-world attitude to which we all aspire,” the hospital said on Friday.

          “We are sending love today to her family, friends and loved ones.”

          MCH representatives have set up a donation page in Dr. Nayman’s honour. In May, the 27-year-old admirably ran 135 km and individually raised $2,000 as a part of MCH’s Million Reasons Run over the month-long fundraiser.

          “Candace was a beloved sister and daughter, a friend and confidant, a mentor and guide, an athlete and coach, and an inspiration to many,”

          “In her 27 years, she lived an active and full life through her love of world travel, frequent camping and outdoor adventures, passion for music and arts, and a wide network of friends, colleagues, and study partners. Candace was at ease among children, working as a summer camp counsellor, swim instructor, and often an on-call babysitter for friends, family, or colleagues in need.”

          Nayman is the fourth doctor to pass away in recent days after three GTA physicians died and were honoured by their respective hospitals.

          Trillium Health Partners, which operates Mississauga Hospital, Credit Valley Hospital and Queensway Health Centre, released a statement on Thursday to quell rumours that had been circulating online regarding their deaths.

          “The rumour circulating on social media is not true. Their passings were not related to the COVID-19 vaccine,” reads the statement.

          “Dr. Jakub Sawicki, Dr. Stephen McKenzie, and Dr. Lorne Segall were trusted colleagues committed to caring for their patients and community.”

          Dr. Segall, an otolaryngologist at Credit Valley Hospital, passed away on July 17 at 49 years old after a long battle with lung cancer. He was described as an adored husband and beloved father to three children.

          A neurologist at Mississauga Hospital for almost four decades, Dr. Mackenzie died a day later on July 19.

          Dr. Sawicki joined the Surgical Assisting Team at Trillium in 2014 before conducting clinical research in pain medicine.

          Hospitals across Ontario have grappled with staffing-related strain in recent weeks, with some having to temporarily close emergency rooms while others have had to rely on redeployed staff and students to cover shifts.

          Citynews Toronto


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            Il n'y a aucun rapport avec le vaccin According to this report

            Qui va faire ce rapport? le college des médecins? Trudeau? Pfizer?

            Il faut etre aveugle pour ne pas observer la mort subite cardiaque chez plusieurs jeunes, athletes et médecins.

            Selon une étude par l'Université d'Ottawa, il y avait 1 cas sur 1000 de myocardites a cause des vaccins à RNA contre le covid. Le nombre est peut etre plus grand que 1é1000. En statistiques , 1 sur 1000 est significatf.

            le ADE est un probleme sérieux avec les vaccins de corona. Antibodies disease enhancement est la raison pour laquelle il n'y pas des vaccins pour MERS ou SARS.

            Mais on doit faire confiance aux scientifiques. Ils sont des dieux. Ils savent tout. Ils savent meme les éffets secondaires à long terme des vaccins.
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              Quand le ministere de la santé Israélien a parlé de plusieurs cas de myocardites, si vous souvenez, Pfizer n'a pas apprécié la remarque et a parlé meme de ''coincidence''.

              l'état sioniste a commis une grave erreur en faisant confiance aux vaccins de pfizer.

              Meme le vaccin Novavax qui ne contient qu'une proteine de Spike a causé plusieurs cas de myocardite en Australie.

              Ici vous trouvez l'étude faite par l'Université d'Ottawa qui a trouvé un taux de myocardites avoisinant 1 cas sur 1000 ( qui est significatif en statistique). Et ça concerne juste les cas hospitalisés de myocardites. Tu peux ajouter a ça les cas silencieux ou on ne ressent rien comme le cas de ces médecins qui meurent par crise cardique pendant le sport.


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                on a jamais vu a hopital une personne mourir du vaccin
                les gens oublie myocardite est un symptôme du Covid comme les arrêt cardiaque


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                  Toi tu n'as pas vu. Selon l'étude de l'Université d'Ottawa, il y a eu plus de 1 cas sur 1000 de myocardites.