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The King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (

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  • The King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (

    The King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC) is a future-oriented research and policy center committed to energy and environmental exploration and analysis. It is located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the energy center of the world.

    Through its objective findings, the Center endeavors to increase the understanding of these subjects and spark the development of solutions that will shape a sustainable energy future for the Kingdom and the world. By employing a collaborative approach that welcomes contributions from international scholars and research organizations and shares its own, KAPSARC advances the global dialogue on energy and the environment. Through its insights and recommendations, the Center hopes to motivate companies and policymakers to take real actions that yield tangible results: more efficient petroleum use, reduced carbon footprints, sustainable energy solutions, adoption of new energy and environmental technologies. KAPSARC strives to produce viable, responsible energy thinking and strategies for Saudi Arabia and the rest of the world.

    KAPSARC’s aspiration is to transform today’s possibilities into tomorrow’s realities.

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