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The last days of Yasser Arafat (R A)

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  • The last days of Yasser Arafat (R A)

    We broke the cement and the stones and we took the coffin out. I saw him, touched him and prayed over him, I was able to bury him properly. ( Sheikh Taissir Tamimi)

    When you talked to the Palestinian Authority about an autopsy, they would get fits. Abbas said it would disturb realtions wth France (Dr Ashraf Kurdi)

    He was all the time angry, agitated and afraid of a lot of people that the people who worked with him were out to kill him ( Dr Dorgham Abu Ramadan)

    For those who are interested to read more about the listed statements, about the last days of Yasser Arafat (rahimahou allah), I will invite you to visit the following link:,00.html

    We need not fear the expression of ideas, We do need to fear their suppression.

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    I don't understand please translate in french