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Une délégation sahraouie de haut niveau reçue en Irlande

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  • Une délégation sahraouie de haut niveau reçue en Irlande

    Western Saharan delegation lobbies Irish parties for diplomatic recognition

    The desert territory has been controlled by Morocco since 1975

    Western Saharan politicians are hopeful Ireland will grant the disputed territory diplomatic recognition following meetings with politicians and officials in Dublin on Wednesday.

    A delegation led by prime minister Buchraya Beyun of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), which claims jurisdiction over the vast desert region, met TDs from all the big parties in Leinster House as well as representatives from the Department of Foreign Affairs.

    As well as seeking diplomatic recognition of his government’s claim to the Moroccan-controlled territory, Mr Beyun is seeking Irish support for a ban on trade with Morocco of natural resources taken from the region. Leaders also hope Ireland will use its seat on the UN Security Council to vote for a widening of the mandate of UN peacekeepers in the area.

    Western Sahara’s representative to Europe Oubi Bachir said the territory was “Africa’s last colony” and its resources were being “plundered” by Morocco.

    Morocco claims Western Sahara as an integral part of its kingdom.

    Most of Western Sahara was taken over by Moroccan forces and settlers in 1975 following the withdrawal of Spanish control. The SADR Government retains de facto control of about one fifth of the land, which is separated from the Moroccan-controlled side by a 2,700km long security wall and the longest minefield in the world.

    The majority of SADR citizens live in refugee camps in Algeria. There have been various UN-led attempts to reach an agreement with Morocco on the future of the territory but none has been successful. Since 2020, violence has flared between the two sides.

    Mr Bachir told The Irish Times his country views Ireland as an important potential ally due to its history of colonialisation and its current position on the UN Security Council. Until last year Ireland also contributed a small number of military observers to UN’s Minurso mission in Western Sahara.

    The EU has entered into trade deals with Morocco for the purchase of Western Sahara’s natural resources, particularly phosphate and fish stocks. These agreements were ruled unlawful last year by the European Court of Justice following a case taken by the Western Saharan government.

    “We thought this is the right time to come here and explore the possibility of lobbying and raise awareness of our struggle,” Mr Bachir said. “And we are really very hopeful that Ireland will play a significant role in promoting the peaceful settlement of the conflict in Western Sahara on the basis of the international legality.”

    SADR also wants to see the passage of the Occupied Territories Bill in the Dáil, which would prevent Ireland purchasing goods originating in places such as Palestine, Crimea and Western Sahara.

    On Minurso, Mr Bachir said it was the only UN mission which did not include a mandate to report on human rights abuses. Its sole purpose was to monitor the ceasefire, “a ceasefire which no longer exists”, he said. “So why are they still there?”

    The SADR Government wants Ireland to vote for a widening of Minurso’s mandate to allow troops to monitor and report on alleged human rights abuses by Moroccan forces in the occupied area. The matter is expected to come before the council in the next month.

    The Irish Times
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    Comme l'Afrique du Sud, l'Irlande a toujours été un fervent défenseur de la juste cause sahraouie.

    - L'Irlande catégorise le Sahara occidental en tant que territoire non autonome. L'Irlande soutient le droit à l'autodétermination des populations du Sahara occidental, mais n'a pas d'avis sur le résultat de cette décision - qu'il s'agisse d'indépendance, d'intégration, d'autonomie ou d'une autre solution - tant qu'il est décidé d'une manière authentique par l'exercice de l'autodétermination.

    L'Irlande a pris note avec attention de la décision de la Cour de justice du 21 décembre 2016, dans laquelle elle a annulé la décision du Tribunal d'annuler l'accord agricole UE-Maroc. Le jugement de la Cour de justice de l'Union européenne du 21 décembre 2016 a confirmé la validité de l'accord d'association de l'UE avec le Maroc, mais a stipulé qu'il ne s'applique pas au territoire du Sahara occidental. La décision de la Cour est conforme à la position de longue date de l'Irlande à l'appui du droit à l'autodétermination du peuple du Sahara occidental-.

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