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Memory - Barbra Streisand

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  • Memory - Barbra Streisand

    On ne peut pas rester insensible à une si belle voix, enjoy

    Not a sound from the pavement
    Has the moon lost her memory
    She is smiling alone
    In the lamplight
    The withered leaves collect at my feet
    And the wind begins to moan
    Memory, all alone in the moonlight
    I can dream of the old days
    Life was beautiful then
    I remember the time I knew what happiness was
    Let the memory live again
    Every street lamp seems to beat
    A fatalistic warning
    Someone mutters and the street lamp sputters
    Soon it will be morning
    I must wait for the sunrise
    I must think of a new life and
    I mustn't give in
    When the dawn comes
    Tonight will be a memory too
    And a new day will begin
    Burnt out ends of smoky days
    The stale court smell of morning
    A street lamp dies
    Another night is over
    Another day is dawning
    Touch me,
    It is so easy to leave me
    All alone with the memory
    Of my days in the sun
    If you'll touch me,
    You'll understand what happiness is
    Look, a new day has begun...
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    Memories The Way We Were

    The Way We Were

    Like the corners of my mind
    Misty watercolor memories
    Of the way we were
    Scattered pictures
    Of the smiles we left behind
    Smiles we gave to one another
    For the way we were
    Can it be that it was all so simple then
    Or has time rewritten every line
    If we had the chance to do it all again
    Tell me - Would we? Could we?
    May be beautiful and yet
    What's too painful to remember
    We simply to choose to forget
    So it’s the laughter
    We will remember
    Whenever we remember
    The way we were