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    Bonsoir à tous,
    c'est ma toute première participation dans cette section, en fouillant mon laptop, j'ai trouvé ce texte que j'ai écris il y a deux ou trois ans. Ce n'est pas un poème, it's only words from the heart:

    "Why can't I just forget her?Why is it hard for me but was easy on her?Why is life so unfair?
    I never gave anyone else my heart before,but when I gave it to her she just took it and never went back.She probably thinks I forgot her,I got over her but the truth is that I didn't.I still feel joyful whenever I think of moments that brought us together and I still feel sad whenever I think of the moment that teared us apart.In two months,she tought me everything about love.Thanks to her,I finally got a taste of the sweetness of love,and because of her I sadly got a taste of the bitterness of brokenhearts.
    Why doesn't she want me as I want her?Why doesn't she need me as I need her?Love seems so complicated now but seemed so simple then.I guess I was really blinded,after all love is truly blind.But does it mean that the happiness I knew with her was just an illusion?I am so confused,so messed up,so down.
    I guess it was meant to be this way,it was meant for me to suffer just to know how precious were the things I had.It was another crual lesson of life,to make me stronger.But the thought of meeting her again keeps love's flame warm deep inside me".

    Ah oui j'ai oublié de préciser, c'est en anglais too late
    It ain't about how hard you hit... it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward ;)

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    T'as bien fait de préciser, à la fin de ton message, que c'était en anglais car en lisant j'étais persuadé que c'était plutôt de l'afghan.
    Tadut melulen, limer d izmawen, macci d ulli ittisburen qlil w-a yelsen abernus.(si les lions portaient la peau du mouton,rare ceux qui porteront le burnous)