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Un nouveau variant de l'Omicron peut nous réinfecter chaque mois

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  • Un nouveau variant de l'Omicron peut nous réinfecter chaque mois

    ‘Stealthy’ new Covid variant can reinfect you every month

    ‘Even having had Omicron, we’re not well protected from further infections,’ said Prof Danny Altmann

    Health experts across the globe are signalling alarm as they begin reporting that Omicron BA.5, the coronavirus strain that is currently outpacing other variants in infection and has become the dominant strain in the US and abroad, has the ability to reinfect people within weeks of contracting the virus.

    Andrew Roberston, the chief health officer in Western Australia, told that though previously the wisdom held that most people would retain a certain level of protection against reinfection if they were vaccinated or had retained some level of natural immunity due to a recent contraction of the virus, this hasn’t been the case with the most recent strain.

    “What we are seeing is an increasing number of people who have been infected with BA.2 and then becoming infected after four weeks,” the doctor explained during an interview with the Australian news outlet. “So maybe six to eight weeks they are developing a second infection, and that’s almost certainly BA.4 or BA.5.”

    The ability for strains BA.4 and BA.5 to reinfect individuals who would in previous waves of Covid-19 had stronger immunity has led some experts to start calling this latest strain the most transmissible yet.

    “They’re taking over, so clearly they’re more contagious than earlier variants of omicron,” said David Montefiori, a professor at the Human Vaccine Institute at Duke University Medical Center, in an interview with NBC News.

    Federal estimates released by the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention on Tuesday show that BA.5 has now overtaken as the dominant strain in the US, accounting for approximately 54 per cent of cases for the week ending on 2 July 2022.

    And though the average number of new cases that the US records each day has steadily hovered at around 95,000 to 115,00, according to data from The New York Times, experts fear that a combination of home testers not reporting positive cases, a closure of government-funded testing centres and an uptick in states stopping their daily data updates has led to a less accurate picture of how much this new strain is actually penetrating the nation.

    A study published in Science last week has confirmed the troubling reality that many may have already been experiencing anecdotally with multiple back-to-back reinfections: these two new subvariants evade protection from previous infections and vaccines.

    Immunology professor Danny Altmann, a co-author who penned the Science paper alongside Rosemary Boyton, a professor of immunology and respiratory medicine, discussed the findings from their research in a recent op-ed. They noted that, contrary to a popular held belief that vaccines and previous infection would provide “a wall of immunity”, nations are instead experiencing “wave after wave of new cases”.

    The indepenent.

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    Selon le professeur Danny Altmann, il faut s'attendre a une vague aprés une vague a cause de ce nouvel variant invisible.


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      Ce n'est pas tres grave tant que ça ne tue pas.

      Au contraire, une version plus contagieuse et moins viruleente agit plutot comme un vaccin naturel...
      "Tout ce qui te dérange chez les autres, c'est seulement une projection de ce que tu n'as pas résolu en toi-même" - Bouddha


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        Ce n'est pas tres grave tant que ça ne tue pas.

        Le probleme c'est que ça tue. l'Omicron a tué plus de personne agées ( 60 ans et plus) que les deux premieres vagues réunies en Ontario selon Statistiques Canada.

        Il y a des millions qui ont développé le syndrome de la fatigue chronique aprés l'omicron.


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          J'aurais aimer voir le texte en français , mais bon, en gros je peut deviner à propos de ce virus qui ne veut pas s'en aller de notre planète , Rabbi yesterna inchallah, etb dire que dans beaucoup de pays , les mesures barrière connaissent un relâchement flagrant
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          Il ne faut pas de tout pour faire un monde. Il faut du bonheur et rien d'autre.
          (Paul Eluard)


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            Si tu utilises google chrome, tu peux le traduire avec un seul clic de souris. La presse mondiale est majoritairement en Anglais.
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              un vaccin naturel.
              le Covid endommage tais cellule pulmonaire et cardiaque et tu risque un arrêt cardiaque dans 1 a 2 ans comme on constat en se moment a hopital
              comme omicron qui cause des gueule cassées
              les résultat on le saura dans 10 ans soit riens du tout ou une population handicapée


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                Un vaccin naturel qui est plus mortel pour les vieux ( 60 ans et plus) que les deux premieres vagues en Ontario.

                La solution je crois se trouve dans la recherche de traitement par des antiviraux ( Ivermectine, Paxloid) et autres.